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Click the link below to Create A New 'Support Ticket.' A support ticket starts our personal customer support process in motion. First, you'll be assigned a personal Support Rep. Second, he or she will read your question or concern, and come up with a solution or answer. Third, we'll send you an email with a link in it. You can click this link to interact with your customer support rep, and solve your question or concern.

If you'd like to ask a question, ask for a refund, file a complaint or talk to a customer support rep, click on the link below.

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Click the link below to Check Up On Your Open 'Support Tickets.' If you've already opened a support ticket, clicking this icon will let you check up on it's status. You can see who's working on it, what's been done so far, and you can also interact with your personal support rep. This is the second step after opening a support ticket.

If you've already opened a Support Ticket, and you'd like to check up on the status of your Ticket, click on the link below.


Click on the link belwo to read Our Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ has everything from information about Pandora's Box PhD billing to the best way to use our programs, in order to succeed. These questions were developed after reading thousands of support tickets, so they're a comprehensive list of questions you may have, right now.

If you have a Question, but you do not wish to talk directly to a Customer Support Rep, click on the link below.